GK College Frequently Asked Questions:


1.      How much is the Tuition Fee?

a.)  Per unit tuition is at P1,200.  A typical subject is equivalent to 3 units. Thus, per subject tuition is P3,600.

2.      How much is the miscellaneous fees?

a.)  This ECQ Period and because of the implementation of the Flexible Learning System, Miscellaneous Fees were substantially reduced.  Laboratory fees (for machine use), Library fees, and other fees that will not be used by the student while off-campus are deducted for the duration of the term.  However, laboratory fee pertaining to the fees paid to faculty in delivering laboratory classes – online/offline is still computed as part of the miscellaneous.

3.      How are the classes conducted via the Flexible Learning System?

a.)  GK College adopted the Flexible Learning System recommended by CHED as early as first week of May 2020.  In this environment, students may get their learnings via different methods – online and/or offline.  GK College uses Google Meet for virtual meetings, Google Classroom as its Learning Management System, Email and Facebook / Messenger as alternative / other means of delivering training.

4.      Are you accepting new students?

a.)  Yes, we accept new students as well as transferees.

5.      How about if the student is from Old Curriculum?

a.)  Yes, we may accommodate provided they take the Bridging Program which is equivalent to additional 18 units.

6.      Do you credit the units I have taken from my previous college?

a.)  Yes, GK College will credit those aligned subjects and units you have taken from your previous school.

7.      Where and how do I start if I want to enroll at GK College?

a.)  Submit your Transcript of Records (TOR) or school grades to secretariat@gkphilippines.com for assessment.

b.)  GK secretariat will do a pre-assessment of your transcript and consider all credited units.  You will receive an email from the GK Secretariat that gives you an idea on what you can enroll and how much would be the Tuition Fee.

c.)  You may start with a Down Payment of P5,000 (Five Thousand Pesos only) deductible from the tuition.  Or, you may arrange for a higher or lower down payment, depending on your preference.

d.)  You may pay your Down Payment thru various Payment methods – Bank transfer, Paymaya, Paypal, Credit Card, Western Union, GCash, or Palawan Express.

e.)  Once you settle your Down Payment, send a copy of the deposit slip/payment transaction record slip to the secretariat@gkphilippines.com.

f.)  GK College will reconfirm your enrollment.

g.)  Congratulations! You are officially enrolled.

8.       What if I am residing in the province and will have difficulty in going to your school physically?

a.)  We have GK students who are now residing in different provinces because of the pandemic lockdown and they are still enrolling at GK College thru the Flexible Learning System.  This means, even if you are in the provinces, you may enroll at GK College. 

9.      Do you offer Scholarship?

a.)  Yes, we offer scholarship to deserving students.  Please write to the secretariat@gkphilippines.com with Subject: Scholarship Inquiry and send your Letter of Intent and attach your credentials for review.

10.  What are the programs you offer?

a.)  BSIS – Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with Specialization in Cybersecurity

b.)  BMA – Bachelor in Multimedia Arts major in Film and Video

c.)  BFA – Bachelor in Fine Arts major in Painting

11.  How many years do I need to finish to graduate?

a.)  To graduate, you need to finish 3 Years and 1 Trimester in any program.  GK College is trimestral.  This means, 3 terms in 1 year. 

12.  Do you also offer Summer Classes?

a.)  Yes, GK College offers summer courses especially for those with bridging classes.

13.  On the average, how many units are there in 1 trimester?

a.)  It can range from 18 units to 20 units.

14.  How many units per subject?

a.)  Typically, 1 subject = 3 units

15.  Can I enroll as part-time student with lower units?

a.)  Yes, GK College is flexible.  You may enroll 1-2 subjects only per trimester depending on your capacity or availability.

16.  Do you have evening / weekend classes for working professionals?

a.)  Yes, we also offer schedules fit for working professionals.  Especially that we are on a Flexible Learning System, even those who have work from home may enroll at GK College.

17.  What makes your programs different from other colleges and universities?

a.)  GK College is CHED accredited and also has International accreditation.  Before you graduate in any program, you are required to pass an International certification exam making you globally competitive in your chosen field.

b.)  For BSIS, it is the first in the country to offer Specialization in Cybersecurity – one of the most in-demand jobs in the world today.

c.)  For Bachelor in Fine Arts, it is the only program in the country with attached European International Certification in Digital Imaging making all Fine Arts graduate globally competitive.

d.)  For Bachelor in Multimedia Arts, it also comes with International Certification making all graduates eligible to work here and abroad.

18.  What is your complete contact details?

a.)  GK College of Business, Arts, and Technology
677 Boni cor Aliw St. Mandaluyong City, PH
www.gkcollege.edu.ph / www.gkphilippines.com
Mobile: 0916-2921470